Pure and Applied Biology Vol. 4, Issue 1, March-2015



1. Assessment of profenofos exposure an endocrine disrupting chemical in relation with serum testosterone alterations 

Shakeel Ahmed Memon, Nasreen Memon, Shamsuddin Ahmed Shaikh, Zubeda Butt and Bhojoo Mal

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 1-8. Pdf


2. Qualitative and quantitative determination of caffeine by comparing its amount in variety of black and green tea leaves marketed in Quetta city

Samiullah, Farida Behlil, Farrukh Bashir, Rukhsana Qasim, Musarat Fazal, Komal Titus and Muzaffar Khan

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 9-14. Pdf


3. Dwarf mistletoe (Arceuthobium oxycedri) and damage caused by dwarf mistletoe to family Cupressaceae

Humaira Abdul Wahid, Muhammad Younas Khan Barozai, Muhammad Din

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 15-23. Pdf


4. Influence of plant spacing on productivity of true potato seed genotypes during nursery raising

Muhammad Mahmood-ur-Rahman Jamro, Shamsuddin Tunio, Umed Ali Buriro and Qamaruddin Chachar

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 24-30. Pdf


5. Nitrogen levels and shoots cutting influenced on oil contents, yield and yield attributes of Canola

Muhammad Tufail, Habib Akbar, Shahzad Ali, Amanullah Jan and Aman Khan

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 31-37. Pdf


6. Horticultural interventions for sustainable agriculture in Balochistan

Khair Muhammad Kakar, Inam–ul-Haq, Nasrullah and Amanullah

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 38-42. Pdf


7. Agro-management effects on fatty acid composition of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Shahzad Ali, Amanullah Jan, Amir Sohail, M. Habibullah, Jia Zhikuan, Amir Zaman Khan and Kashif Akhtar

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 43-49. Pdf


8.  Sero-epidemiological study of ecto- and endo- parasites and their hematological effects in small ruminants reared under pastoral system in district Bannu, Pakistan

Naimat Ullah Khan, Muhammad Shafee, Jawaria Ali Khan, Kamran Ashraf, Rafiullah Khan, Azmatullah Khan and Mumtaz Ali Khan

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 50-56. Pdf


9. An overview on understanding the main factors involved in colon cancer and its treatment

Khushbkht Khan and Aftab Ahmad

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 57-69. Pdf


10. Influence of Slow Release Urea Fertilizer on Growth, Yield and N Uptake on Maize under Calcareous Soil Conditions

Amir Zaman Khan, Muhammad Afzal, Asim Muhammad, Habib Akbar, Shad Khan Khalil, Said Wahab and Noor-ul-Amin

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 70-79. Pdf


11. Molecular basis of salt stress tolerance in crop plants

Nazim Batool, Tahira Noor, Noshin Ilyas and Armghan Shahzad

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 80-88. Pdf


12. Macro Nutrients (Nitrogen and Sulfur) Role in Phenology and Physiology of Different Corn Hybrids under Agro Climatic Conditions of Peshawar

Abdul Qahar and Bashir Ahmad

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 89-96. Pdf


13. Effect of humic acid and crop residue application on emergence and wheat phenology

Kashif Akhtar, Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Tariq Jan, Muhammad Zahir Afridi, Shahzad Ali and Sajjad Zaheer

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 97-103. Pdf


14. Ameliorating effect of Nitrogen and Sulfur on quality of different corn hybrids

Abdul Qahar and Bashir Ahmad

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 104-109. Pdf


15. New record and description of two species of genus Sphaerophoria St. Farg. et Serv (Diptera: Syrphidae) from Balochistan, Pakistan

Juma Khan Turk, Nasreen Memon, Bhojoo Mal, Mansoor Ali Shah, Shakeel Ahmed Memon, Nadir Ali Shah and Attaullah Ansari

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 110-117. Pdf


16. Serum lipid profile of college/university students taking home made food or market fast food

Saghir Ahmad Jafri, Muhammad Qasim, Khaleeq ur Rehman, Muhammad Shareef Masoud and Mahmood-ur-Rahman

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 118-124. Pdf


17.Taxonomic study of Family Papilionaceae of District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Maqsood Anwar, Wisal Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Saleem Khan, Waheed Murad and Sajjad Ali

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 125-128. Pdf


18. PCR based DNA fingerprinting of mercury resistant and nitrogen fixing Pseudomonas spp.

Sumaira Tariq, Aatif Amin and Zakia Latif

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 129-136. Pdf


19. Status assessment of macronutrients in banana leaves and its associated soil in Thatta, Sindh, Pakistan

Shahmir Ali Kalhoro, Amanullah Mahar, Muhammad Aslam Buzdar, Sohail Ahmed Oatho, Rab Nawaz Soomro, Imtiaz Hussain Raja Abbasi and Muhammad Rashid

Pure Appl. Bio., 4(1): 137-149. Pdf