Pure and Applied Biology Vol. 4, Issue 3, September-2015



1. Accumulation of heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Ni, Cd, Co, Pb and Cr) in blood of freshwater Turtles from Balloki   Headworks and Trimmu Barrage, Punjab, Pakistan

    Zaib-Un-Nisa, Salma Sultana, Tayyba Sultana and Farhat Jabeen

     Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 280-287, September- 2015 Pdf


2. Evaluation of Popcorn inbred lines for disease severity

Muhammad Noor, Hidayat ur Rahman and Muhammad Iqbal

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 288-295, September- 2015 Pdf


3. Yield and yield attributes of rapeseed cultivars as influence by sulfur level under Swat valley conditions

Imran, Asad Ali Khan, Inamullah, Hayat Zada, Fayaz Ahmad, Syed Tanveer Shah, Amjad Usman and Irfanullah

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 296-301, September- 2015 Pdf


4. Marker assisted selection for Rust resistant gene LR26 in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Liaqat Ali, Inam Ullah, Siraj ud Din, Wisal Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Saleem Khan, Izhar Ahmad, Mursaleen, Maqsood Anwar and Waqar Ali  

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 302-305, September- 2015 Pdf


5. Cultural conditions for maximum alpha-amylase production by Penicillium notatum IBGE 03 using shaken flask technique of submerged fermentation

Kashif Ahmed, Seharish Munawar and Muhammad Ansar Khan

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 306-312, September- 2015 Pdf


6. Effect of sowing dates on the yield and seed production of Okra cultivars in Mansehra

Shah Zeb, Qazi Shoaib Ali, Ehtesham Jamil, Naveed Ahmad, Muhammad Sajid, Sajid Siddique and Muhammad Shahid

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 313-317, September- 2015 Pdf


7. Effect of various levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash on the yield of French Bean

Qazi Shoaib Ali, Shah Zeb, Ehtesham Jamil, Naveed Ahmed, Muhammad Sajid, Sajid Siddique, Nazia Jan and Muhammad Shahid

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 318-322, September- 2015 Pdf


8. Beta-D-fructofuranosidase production by Aspergillus niger IBGE 01 using shaken flask technique of submerged fermentation

Kashif Ahmed, Seharish Munawar and Muhammad Ansar Khan

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 323-330, September- 2015 Pdf


9. Impact of tillage systems on growth and yield of Mungbean (Vigna radiata L., Wilczek) varieties under dryland condition

Amanullah, Muhammad Ijaz, Khair Muhammad Kakar, Amanullah Jan, Asif Iqbal and Shah Fahad

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 331-339, September- 2015 Pdf


10. Pharmacological, nutritional and allelopathic attributes of noxious weed, Trianthema portulacastrum L. (Horse purslane)

Anum Ara, Abida Akram, Maryam Ajmal, Shaista Akhund and Brian Gagosh Nayyar

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 340-352, September- 2015 Pdf


11. Physical and chemical attributes of various cultivars of Plum fruit

Wasim Bilal, Muhammad Sajid, Khalil Ur Rehman, Naveed Ahmad, Azmat Ali Awan, Babar Hussain, Zakria Bacha, Fazal Ur Rehman, Ahamad Naeem, Qazi Shoaib Ali and Farida Bibi 

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 353-361, September- 2015 Pdf


12. Pheno-morphological traits of Canola as influenced by nitrogen and green manuring crops (species, parts and age) under semiarid condition

Khalid Ali, Amanullah Jan, Amanullah and M. Jamal Khan

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 362-374, September- 2015 Pdf


13. Effect of irrigation levels and planting methods on phenology, growth, biomass and harvest index of spring Wheat under semiarid condition

Khair Muhammad Kakar, Amanullah, Muhammad Saleem, and Asif Iqbal

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 375-383, March- 2015 Pdf


14. Evaluation of advance bread Wheat lines in preliminary Wheat yield trial

Fahim Ullah Khan, Muhammad Khan, Sabir Gul Khattak, Zahid Iqbal, Zahid Saleem, Javed Iqbal and Niaz Muhammad 

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 384-388, September- 2015 Pdf


15. Influence of DAP seed priming and soaking durations on yield and yield associated traits in Okra

Gohar Shafi, Neelam Ara, Fahim Ullah Khan, Yousaf Jamal and Abdul Basir

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 389-397, September- 2015 Pdf


16. Salt stress impacts on seed germination and seedling growth of Brassica napus L.

Nazima Batool, Tahira Noor, Noshin Ilyas and Armghan Shahzad

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 398-406, September- 2015 Pdf


17. Picrorhiza kurroa: An ethnopharmacologically important plant species of Himalayan region

Maria Masood, Muhammad Arshad, Rahmatullah Qureshi, Sidra Sabir, Muhammad Shoaib Amjad, Huma Qureshi and Zainab Tahir

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 407-417, September- 2015 Pdf


18. Heavy metals status of the urban and agricultural soils of Peshawar, Pakistan

M.J. Khan, Habib-Ur-Rehman, A.K.K. Achakzai, Y. Iqbal, Wali Ullah, Nadir Khan, M. Sharif, M. Afzal, Z.A. Bazai and F. Ullah

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3):418-426, September- 2015 Pdf


19. Genetic divergence among Wheat breeding lines for production traits

Faiza Zoha Zafar, Fida Mohammad, Fahim Ullah KhanGul Ghuttai and Wasif Ullah Khan

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 427-433, September- 2015 Pdf


20. Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on penology of Maize varieties   

Shah Faisal, Bashir Ahmad, Inamullah, Kashif Akhtar, Shahzad Ali and Ihteram Ullah

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 434-440, September- 2015 Pdf


21. Seasonal variations in abundance and diversity of insect pollinator in forest ecosystems of Southern Punjab Pakistan

Muhammad Amjad Bashir, Shafqat Saeed, Asif Sajjad and Muddasar Ali

Pure Appl. Biol., 4(3): 441-452, September- 2015 Pdf