Pure and Applied Biology. Volume 5, Issue 1, March-2016


1. Study on yield parameters of major Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cultivars planted in Sindh, Pakistan

Muhammad Mahmood-ur-Rahman Jamro, Ghulam Mustafa Laghari, Mahmooda Buriro and Nisar Ahmad Soomro

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 1-4, March-2016 Pdf


2. Ethnopharmacological and phytochemical account of paradise tree (Melia azedarach L.: Meliaceae)

Huma Qureshi, Muhammad Arshad, Abida Akram, Naveed Iqbal Raja,Sammer Fatima and Muhammad Shoaib Amjad

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 5-14, March-2016 Pdf


3. Comparative performance of cotton cultivars under conventional and ultra-narrow row (UNR) spacing

Hamid Nawaz, Nazim Hussain, Muhammad Ishaq Asif Rehmani, Azra Yasmeen, Muhammad Arif.

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 15-25, March-2016 Pdf.


4. Analysis of genetic divergence in exotic bread wheat genotypes

Munaiza Baloch, Abdul Wahid Baloch, Muhammad Jurial Baloch, Rameez Ahmed Kandhro, Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro, Dalel Khan Mandan, Gul Muhammad Baloch, Naila Gandahi, Abdul Majeed Baloch, Nasir Ali Baloch

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 26-30, March-2016 Pdf.


5. Effect of seed soaking on seed germination and growth of bitter gourd cultivars

Ehtesham Jamil, Shah Zeb, Qazi Shoaib Ali, Naveed Ahmad, Muhammad Sajid, Sajid Siddique and Muhammad Saeed Saleem

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 31-36, March-2016 Pdf


6. Effect of different fertilizer treatments on the performance of some local rice varieties under SRI (system of rice intensification) and conventional management practices at district Swat

Fayaz Ahmad and Hamayoon khan

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 37-47, March-2016 Pdf


7. Microwave assisted extraction of phytochemicals from bark of Cassia occidentalis L.

Sumera Javad, Shabnam Shaheen, Farah Khan and Sidra Younis

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 48-57, March-2016 Pdf.


8. Phenological traits of Maize influenced by integrated management of compost and fertilizer Nitrogen

Babar Iqbal, Mohammad Tariq Jan, Zar Muhammad, Asad Ali Khan, Shazma Anwar, Imran and Khurrum Shahzad

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 58-63, March-2016 Pdf.


9. Effect of IBA (Indole Butyric Acid) levels on the growth and rooting of different cutting types of Clerodendrum splendens

Abbas Jamal, Gohar Ayub, Ali Rahman, Anwar Rashid, Jawad Ali and Muhammad Shahab

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 64-71, March-2016 Pdf.


10. Delayed wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivation and role of diverse seeding rates and row spacings under semiarid agro-climatic situations

Muhammad Ishaq Asif Rehmani, Muhammad Farukh Fareed, Abid Mahmood Alvi, Muhammad Ibrahim, Nazim Hussain, Safdar Hussain, Javed Iqbal, Muhammad Amjad Bashir and Hamid Nawaz

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 72-84, March-2016 Pdf.


11. Therapeutic potential of ethanolic extract of Solanum nigrum for lipofundin-induced hyperlipidemia in Rabbits

Imran Ali*, Waqar Ahmed, Muhammad Tariq, Rehana Asghar and Muhammad Altaf Hussain

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 85-90, March-2016 Pdf.


12. Influence of storage temperature and duration on Mango fruit quality during post storage simulated marketing

Badshah Islam and Abdur Rab

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 91-101, March-2016 Pdf.


13. Evaluating the impacts of forest fire on the vegetation of sub-tropical Chir pine forest in district Mansehra, Pakistan

Syed Lateef Hussain, Ahmad Hussain, Saleem khan and Salman Khan

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 102-106, March-2016 Pdf.



14. Molecular analysis of families afflicted with autosomal recessive occulocutanious albinisim from Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Imran Ali, Ansar Ahmed Abbassi, Uqba Niaz, Rehana Asghar, Kazima Ishaq, Tahira Aziz and Muhammad Altaf Hussain

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 107-113, March-2016 Pdf.


15. Growth and yield of Maize hybrids as effected by different sowing Dates in Swat Pakistan

Imran, Izaz Hussain, Shahida Naveed, Salim Shah, Aziz Ur Rahman, Hayat Zada, Inayat Ullah, Asad Ali Khan and Subhan Uddin

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 114-120, March-2016 Pdf.


16. Response of Sesame (Sesamum indicumL.) to various levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in agro-climatic condition of Peshawar

Muhammad Ibrahim,Yousaf Jamal,  Abdul Basir, Muhammad Adnan, Inayat-ur-Rahman, Irshad Ali khan and Attaullah

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 121-126, March-2016 Pdf.


17. Isolation and evaluation of summer legumes Rhizobia as PGPR

Muhammad Adnan, Zahir Shah, Nouman Saleem, Abdul Basir, Inayat-ur-Rahman, Hidayat Ullah,  Muhammad  Ibrahim,   Jawad Ali Shah,  Muhammad,  Ahsan Khan and Syed Rizwan Ali Shah

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 127-133, March-2016 Pdf.


18. Response of Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) cultivars to Nitrogen levels

Bibi Zainub, Gohar Ayub, Sajid Siddique, Shah Zeb and Ehtesham Jamil

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 134-141, March-2016 Pdf.


19. Performance evaluation of diesel and electric operated tube wells irrigation system in sub-tropical conditions

Zia Ullah, Ruh Ullah, Murad Ali and Muhammad Junaid

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 142-148, March-2016 Pdf.


20. Ethnobotanical study of subtropical hills of Darazinda, Takht-e-Suleman range F.R D.I. Khan, Pakistan

Ulfat Samreen, Muhammad Ibrar, Lalbadshah, Shahida Naveed, Imran and Inayat Khatak

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 149-164, March-2016 Pdf.


21. Effect of seed priming on growth parameters of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.)

Inayat-ur-Rahman, Shamsher ali, Inayat-ur-Rahman, Muhammad Adnan, Muhammad Ibrahim, Nauman Saleem and Irshad Ali khan

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 165-171, March-2016 Pdf.


22. Effect of Ascorbic acid on the wilting and resistance of Capsicum annum L. Plant

Sajjad Ali, Kashif Ali, Ehsan Ali, Syed Salim Shah, Muhammad Saleem Khan, Muhammad Ali, Ikramullah and Wisal Muhammad Khan

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 172-176, March-2016 Pdf.


23. Trapping efficacy to control the wild Boar (Sus scrofa) population in Islamabad, Pakistan

Irfan Ashraf, Ishtiaq Ahmad, Syed Asad Hussain Bukhari and Ambreen Maqsood

Pure Appl. Biol., 5(1): pp 177-182, March-2016 Pdf.