Pure and Applied Biology, Volume 2, Issue 1 - March, 2013.


Effect of indole acetic acid (IAA) on fruit drop and fruit quality of date palm cultivars
Saeed Ahmed, Muhammad Sajid, Asif Latif, Nazeer Ahmed, Muhammad Junaid, Nasir Mahmood and  Muhammad Umair
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(1): 1-6, March- 2013 Pdf


Human cancer is a parasite spread via intrusion in genome
Sergey N. Rumyantsev
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(1): 7-16, March- 2013 Pdf


Nitrogen and plant density effect on maiz yield and yield traits
Adnan Khanzada, Murad Ali Khan  and Mohammad Akmal
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(1): 17-23, March- 2013 Pdf


Effect of planting time on cuttings of ranfoon creeper (Quisqualis indica)
Saeed Ahmed, Nasir Mahmood, Mushtaq Ali, Nazeer Ahmad, Muhammad Junaid and Abdus Samad
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(1): 24-27, March- 2013 Pdf


Correlation analysis for different parameters of F2 bread wheat population
Ghulam Ghafoor, Ghulam Hassan, Iftikhar Ahmad, Sher Nawab Khan, and Said Suliman
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(1): 28-31, March- 2013 Pdf


Chemical and anti-tubular screening on the leaves of Jatropha multifida Linn
Erwin C. Mina, Marjorie R. Ibarra, Scott G. Franzblau and Dr. Alicia M. Aguinaldo
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(1): 32-36, March- 2013 Pdf



A paper entitled, "Comparitive study of wheat genotypes under optimum and water deficit conditi" was published in PAB Volume 1(3): 72-75. The name of the authors should be as follows:
Sher Nawab Khan, Ihteram Ullah, Iftikhar Hussain Khalil, Said Suleman, Amir Muhammad Khan and Nasir Mehmood

Pure Appl. Bio., 2(1): 37, March- 2013. Pdf


To study the micronutrients status of Kowga area district Buner

Abdus Salam, Riaz A Khattak, Saeed Ahmed and Nazeer Ahmed
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(1): 38-41, March- 2013 Pdf