Pure and Applied Biology, Volume 2, Issue 3 - September, 2013.


Effect of planting media (rice husk and coco peat) on the uptake of cadmium and some micronutrients in chilli (Capsicum annum L.)

Abdalla M. Alzrog, Abdussalam Salhin Mohamed, Rahmad Bin Zakaria and Abd. Karim Bin Alias

Pure Appl. Bio., 2(3): 76-82, Sep- 2013. Pdf


microRNAs: The mega regulators in eukaryotic genomes
Iftekhar Ahmed Baloch, Muhammad Younas Khan Barozai and Muhammad Din
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(3): 83-88, Sep- 2013. Pdf


Molecular assesment of glutathion S-transferase (GSTT1 & GSTM1) genotypes
in HCV infection

Farmanullah, Rehana Yasmin, Aaqib Shaheen, Nawab Ali, Muhammad Noaman Saeed,
Muhammad Jamil and Muhammad Saeed

Pure Appl. Bio., 2(3): 89-95, Sep- 2013. Pdf


Biochemical and microbiological evaluation of the water samples collected fromdifferent areas of district Kohat and Mohamand agency, Pakistan
Ayaz Ali, Jauhar Shah, Farman Ullah, Waheed Ullah, Zia Urehman and Nawab Ali
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(3): 96-103, Sep- 2013. Pdf


Identification of microRNAs in 12 plant species of Fabaceae
Abdul Ghani, Muhammad Din, Iftekhar Ahmed Baloch and Muhammad Younas Khan Barozai
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(3): 104-115, Sep- 2013. Pdf