Pure and Applied Biology, Volume 2, Issue 4 - December, 2013.


Antibacterial Activities of plant extracts and honey on local bacterial isolates

Humaira Abdul Wahid
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(4): 116-121, Dec-2013. Pdf


The effects of storage and cultivation condition on crocin content of dried stigma in Saffron (Crocus sativus L.)
Rahimi, A., Rezaee, M.B.,  Jaimand, K and Ashtiany, A.N
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(4): 122-125, Dec- 2013 Pdf


Interaction studies of heat shock responsive protein HSA32 and heat shock protein HSP101:
an in silico approach

Mahmood-ur-Rahman, Waseem Akhtar Shamshari, Sadia Ali, Khadim Hussain, Muhammad Qasim and Shazia Anwar Bukhari
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(4): 126-131, Dec- 2013. Pdf


Evaluation of slow release system of antitumor bioactive organic compounds from Poly (╬▓amino ester)
Helaly, F.M., Hamid, F.A., Soliman, A.M.  and Hashem, M.S 

Pure Appl. Bio., 2(4): 132-137, Dec- 2013. Pdf


Therapeutic potential of herbs against diabetes
Beenish Ehsan, Muhammad Qasim, Mahmmad S Masoud, Mahmood ur Rehman, Shah Jahan and Usman Ali Ashfaq.
Pure Appl. Bio., 2(4): 138-147, Dec-2013. Pdf