Establishment of growth conditions for cultivation of the microalga Trachydiscus minutus at laboratory scale
Svetoslav Dimitrov Alexandrov, Ivan Iliev Iliev and Georgi Dimov Petkov
Pure Appl. Bio., 3(1): 01-09, March- 2014 Pdf.

Effect of inorganic NPK fertilizers under different proportions on growth, yield and juice quality of sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L)
Abdul Fatah Soomro, Shamasuddin Tunio, Mohammad Ibrahim Keerio, Inaitullah Rajper, Qammaruddin Chachar and Mohammad Younis Arain
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Podophyllum hexandrum: An endangered medicinal plant from Pakistan
Sunbal Khalil Chaudhari, Yamin Bibi and Muhammad Arshad
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QTL mapping for phsiological maturity in synthetic hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under drought stree
Sammer Fatima, Muhammad Arshad and Rahmatullah Qureshi
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Reassessment of the taxonomic relationships between closely related taxa of Papilionoideae
Maged Mahmoud Abou-El-Enain, Awatif Ibrahim El-Nahas, Abdemoniem Ibrahim Aboel-Atta, Hanan *Helmy Latif, Shawkat Mahmoud Ahmed and Nagwan Hamdy Mohamed Atya
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