December-2014 Issue

Pure and Applied Biology. Vol. 3, Issue 4, December-2014



Sole and intercropping Sunflower-Mungbean for spring cultivation in Peshawar

 Murad Ali Khan and Mohammad Akmal

 Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 121-131. Pdf

Leaf area profile and light use efficiency study in maize as influenced by changes in the planting geometry and N-Rates

 Mohammad Akmal, M. Ibrahim, M. Asim, M. Afzal and A.K.K. Achakzai

 Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 132-143. Pdf


 Effect of tillage systems, irrigation intervals and phosphorus levels on oil contents, and yield components of Sesame

 Shahzad Ali, Amanullah Jan, Jia Zhikuan, Inamullah, Shakeel Ahmad and Muhammad Kamran

 Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 144-151. Pdf


Clinical and therapeutic benefits of Centella asiatica

 Kulsoom Zahara, Yamin Bibi and Shaista Tabassum

 Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 152-159. Pdf

 Influence of sowing time and nitrogen fertilization on Alternaria leaf blight and oil of Sesame cultivars

 Amanullah Jan, Shahzad Ali, Inamullah and Musharaf Ahmad

 Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 160-166. Pdf

 Role of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria as ameliorating agent in saline soil

 Nazima Batool, Noshin Ilyas and Armghan Shahzad

 Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 167-174. Pdf

Genetic analysis of yield and yield related attributes in Brassica napus

 Muhammad Ali, Raziuddin, Ibni Amin Khalil, Naqib Ullah Khan, Sana Ullah Khan, Monsif Ur Rehman, Gul Ghani Afridi and Ghulamullah

 Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 175-187. Pdf

Conservation status of Taxus floridana, acritically endangered evergreen coniferous plant

 Ejaz Ahmed, Yamin Bibi, Muhammad Arshad and Kaleem Ullah

Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 188-191. Pdf

Habitat related variations in omega series of unsaturated fatty acids in Indian major Carp mrigala 

Bilal Hussain, Tayyaba Sultana, Salma Sultana, Farhat Jabeen, Shahid Nadeem and Shahid Mahboob

Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 192-198. Pdf

Checklist of butterfly fauna (LepidopteraRhopalocera) of Sindh, Pakistan

Bhojoo Mal, Nasreen Memon, Juma Khan Turk, Shakeel Ahmed Memon, Mansoor Ali Shah and Nadir Ali Shah

Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 199-203. Pdf

Yield of Kalonji (Nigella sativa L.) with N-levels and foliar applications of nutrients as irrigated and un-irrigated crop

Muhammad Adil, Mohammad Akmal and Muhammad Afzal

Pure Appl. Bio., 3(4): 204-209. Pdf