8. Diversity of fresh water algae from some important habitats of district Chitral, Pakistan

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Naeem Ullah, Masrina Sartaj, Asma Nawaz, Fida Hussain Muzammil Shah Nawaz Jang Farooq Jan Ikram Muhammad Kashif Ali Muhammad Shuaib


In the present study, different localities of district Chitral were visited for a collection of freshwater algae. A total of 52 species belonging to 15 genera were recorded from different localities of district Chitral. Among the identified genera Mougeeotia were dominant genus with 12 species. The contribution of Mougeotia was 23.07%. The 2nd most dominant genera Spirogyra was recorded with 8 species. The contribution of Spirogyra was 15.38%. The genera Zygnema comprised 7 species. The contribution of Zygnema was 13.46%. The genus Ophiocytium was recorded with 5 species. The contributions of Ophiocytium were 9.61%. The genus Cosmarium and Microspora each recorded with 3 species and the genus of Microspora each genus contributions were 5.76%. The other genera Phacotus, Wislouchiella, Dinobryon, and Hormodium every two species were recorded. And each species were contributed 3.84%. The other genus Plamella, Radiofilum, Stichococcus, Tetraspora and Ulotrix were represented by single species. Each species contributed were 1.92% recorded in this study. Further studies are recommended in the research area to report and document complete algal diversity of research area.

Keywords: Classification; Freshwater algae; Habitats; Chitral: Pakistan


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