11. Combining ability estimates in 6 x 6 half diallel crosses of bread wheat (Triticum aestivium L.)

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Aamir Ali Khokhar Feroz Gul Nizamani, Raza Ali Rind Mir Muhammad Nizamani Muhammad Uzair Khokhar, Asad Shah Abdul Latif Nizamani Muhammad Rafique Rind


The six parents of breed wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) were crossed in half a diallelic method, and their fifteen F1 were evaluated for a combination of the ability of yield traits at the Nuclear Institute of Agriculture, Tandojam, during the 2015-2016 agricultural season. Analysis of variance for genotypes, parents, F1 hybrids and parents compared to hybrids was significant for all Traits, which showed the presence of significant variability among parents and their hybrids. The results also showed significant differences between parents in their general combining ability (GCA) and hybrids in relation to the specific combining ability (SCA) for all the characters studied. Dispersion GCA and SCA showed the importance of both additive and non-additive genes. However, a large GCA dispersion compared to the SCA dispersion for all traits, except days up to 75% of maturity and plant height (cm), demonstrated the importance of the additive gene action in inheriting these traits. While the predominance of the non-additive effect of the gene was evident for the inheritance of days up to 75% of the maturity and growth of the plant (cm). The Aas-2011 variety was the best combiner by day with up to 50% of the header and days with up to 75% of maturity; Marvi-2000 for plant height, Sunco for grains spike-1, seed index, and plant yield-1. Good parents of a common combinator can be used in hybridization and selection programs. Good concrete combiners were; Sunco x Janbaz for days up to 50% of the course, days up to 75% of maturity and grain yield-1; Sunco x Pak-81 for plant height; WL-711 x Aas-2011 for seed index; Janbaz x Marvi-2000 for grains spike-1and WL-711 x Pak-81 for grain yield plant-1.

Keywords: Combining ability; GCA; SCA; Wheat Genotypes; Yield Traits


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