13. Thermal treatments for enhancing the dormancy of cotton (Gossypium) seed

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Zaheer Ahmed Khan, Shakeel Hussain Chattha, Zaheer Ahmed Khan, Shakeel Ahmed Soomro Imran Arshad Liaquat Ali Jafferi


Cotton like other seeds has a hard and impermeable coat, which therefore makes it necessary to understand its nature to germinate under favorable conditions. This study keeping the importance in view was carried out to assess the effect of thermal treatments on dormancy of cotton (Gossypium) seed at Department of Farm Structures, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam. Selected seeds obtained from Latif Experimental Farm were treated with tap water and by immersing them in hot water of 70 and 80OC at three different durations i.e. of 5, 10 and 15 minutes. The experimental design was subjected to complete randomized design, replicated thrice. The results revealed that cotton seeds when immersed at 70OC for 10 minutes provided better results with maximum values of 75%, 10.71% and 3.38 for germination percentage, germination rate and seed vigour index, and least values for mortality. The results were statistically significant (p≤0.05) for germination percentage, seed vigour index, dormancy and mortality, whereas germination rate was found to be non-significant. It was also observed that the seeds were very sensitive at high temperature which after treatment rotted and succumbed. Thermal treatment at a temperature of 70OC for 10 minutes based on above study is strongly recommended to be adopted at farm level.

Keywords: Cotton seed; Germination; Growth parameter; Seed dormancy; Thermal treatment


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