3. Agronomic performance of some alien bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) lines under agro-ecological conditions of Sakrand, Pakistan

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Lal Bux Bhanbhro Hadi Bux Bozdar Shakeel Ahmed Soomro Mushtaque Ahmed Jatoi Aamir Ali Bughio Muhammad Faheem Muhammad Arshad, Aftab Ahmed Rajper


Variation in plant traits is considered as drivers of species evolution and of a greatest importance to plant breeders. The selection of the exotic wheat cultivars for high yield and their resistance to rust disease is of prime importance nowadays, which in result reduces the environmental impact and the total cost of lethal fungicides. Present study keeping the importance in view was carried to evaluate seven exotic wheat genotypes received from CIMMYT, Mexico; which were then compared to two local wheat cultivars (control). Significant (p<0.05) differences between the genotypes and control wheat cultivars were documented in terms of yield, yield related traits and resistance to the leaf rust disease. Cultivar G-193 not only appeared with higher yield but also had lowest AUDPC%-days values, demonstrating its higher resistance to the rust diseases. The study hence concludes with strong recommendations for cultivation of Cultivar G-193 among other cultivars.

Keywords: AUDPC; Bread Wheat; Leaf rust; Yield


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