9. Epidemiology of Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection in TDPs of war against terrorism in North Waziristan, Pakistan

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Muhammad Goher Zaman, Zia Ur Rahman Awan Mehboob Ur Rahman Awan


Hepatitis B virus is the major cause of liver infection that includes hepatocellular carcinoma and liver cirrhosis. Globally 350 million peoples have been suffered from chronic infection of Hepatitis B Virus. The current study was conducted with the main aim to determine the epidemiology of hepatitis B virus in Temporary Displaced Persons (TDPs) during army operation against terrorism in North Waziristan. Blood samples from 1837 TDPs were collected that were migrated to District Bannu. Blood samples were collected from both sexes (male & Female) having age range from 1- 60 years. All the collected blood samples were first diagnosed with ICT method and then with ELISA method at the study places during the mentioned period. The assessed variables included gender, age and risk factors. Out of 1837 samples, 237 (12.90%) were found positive for HBsAg and were declaredpositive while the remaining 1600 (87.09%) were found negative. The collected samples were all processed through ELISA in which 249 (13.55%) samples were found to be positive for HBsAg while 1588 (86.44%) were found negative. Males (14.70%) were found to be more infected than females (11.67%) and similarly, high rate of infection (28%) was found in the old age peoples. HBV has been reported in the TDPs and population of the host district is at high risk. Diagnosis through ELISA is more accurate and sensitive than ICT method. Further proper screening and molecular diagnosis is needed in the area to control the dreadful disease.

Keywords: Bannu; ELISA; HBV; ICT; TDPs


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