13. Preparation and evaluation of strawberry and date blended juice ready to serve drink

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Mohsin Khalid, Muhammad Muneeb Baber Shamrez Ali Muhammad, Muhammad Ayub, Yasser Durrani, Syed Awais Ali


The study was aimed to identify the physicochemical and sensory changes of strawberry and dates blend ready to serve drink in storage of three months with gap of 15 days at room temperature (25-30 0C). Strawberry and dates juice blend ready to serve drink were formulated as SDB1 = 9:1, SDB2 = 8:2, SDB3 = 7:3, SDB4 = 6:4 and SDB5 = 5:5 by addition of sodium benzoate (0.01%) in each treatment as preservative and mixed 20% of each combination with 100brix sugar solution of calculated value. The samples were analyzed physicochemically (pH, vitamin C, TSS, % acidity, reducing sugar, non-reducing sugar and sugar acid ratio) as well as organoleptically (flavor, color, taste and overall acceptability). Outcomes of experiments showed a mean of total soluble solids of strawberry and dates blend ready to serve drink upgraded from 13.05 to 13.89°brix. % acidity of blend enhanced from 0.71 to 0.95, reducing sugar increased from 9.29 to 10.91, whereas pH was reduced from 4.66 to 3.82, ascorbic acid value was declined from 48.67 to 31.51, non-reducing sugar decreased   from 4.02 to 2.90 and sugar acid ratio declined from 20.23 to 14.77. Sensory evaluation showed that mean scores for color of strawberry and dates blend ready to serve drink were reduced from 8.36 to 5.10, flavor decreased  from 8.15 to 5.21, taste reduced from 8.11 to 5.11 and overall acceptability also declined from 8.21 to 5.14  during storage. From this research it was concluded that SDB3 (Strawberry and date juice blend in ratio (7:3) + 0.01% sodium benzoate) found finest among all other combinations of ready to serve drink.    

Keywords: Juice blend; Organoleptically; Physicochemical; Ready to serve drink; Sodium benzoate


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