17. Performance study of exotic variety of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) for processing industry under the agro-climatic condition of Lahore-Pakistan

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Sana Khalid, Shabnum Shaheen Ammara Ishfaq Riffat Siddique


Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) crop is popular among the farming community for its high production per unit area and consequently high returns, therefore three crops of potato autumn, spring from plains and summer from high hills, are being grown in Pakistan. Its utilization as fast food and use for processing has further increased its importance among farmers, consumers and processors. With the aim in mind to enhance the farmer’s earnings by introducing new varieties of potato for processing and fresh market, current trial was performed to check the adaptability of exotic potato variety ‘Melanto’ (Cross: Impala × POS 97-1) in field trials, farms situated at Bedian Road, Lahore Cantt. Pakistan. This exotic varsity is better adapted specifically to summer, fall and spring cultivation districts of the Punjab, Pakistan. Big oval tubers produced with 17.5% dry matter content was ranked under cooking type A, i.e., no discoloration after cooking. ‘Melanto’ showed resistance to potato cyst nematodes Ro 1 and Ro 4 having relatively longer dormancy period than the control verity ‘Desiree’. The highest yield 30.46 t/ha (ton/hectare) was recorded for ‘Melanto’ followed by ‘Desiree’ 22.07 t/ha. But both varieties were found susceptible under high infection of late blight. Therefore, it can be concluded that the development and accessibility of new varieties of potato which are suitable for the processing is quite critical for sustaining the rise in processing industries of Pakistan. Moreover, the potato verities with more dry matter and less reducing sugars are required by potato processing industry to ensure high quality processed products. Enhancement in the production of potato is just due to the application of modern technologies and utilization of new seed varieties. White potatoes and the red potatoes are the major contributors in potato production by volume in Pakistan.

Keywords: Adaptability test; Emergence percentage; Melanto; Solanum tuberosum L.


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