18. Application and effect of plant growth promoting bacteria isolated from medicinal plants on root development in maize

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Syed Sikandar Habib, Saira Naz Asad Mehmood, Riaz Khan, Imran Badshah


Agriculture sectors are facing various threats that hinder plant growth globally. In order to improve plant growth the use of beneficial microbes play very important role. The purpose of the current study was to analyze the root development by the application of Plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB). The importance of this study was to enhance the root development of maize plant which in turn increases its overall growth and production by using PGPB. The experiment was conducted under complete randomized design (CRD). Two varieties of Cereal crop maize were selected to check the effects of PGPB on development of roots. Initially seeds were inoculated with eight different bacterial strains that were isolated previously in Plant microbe interaction lab. Out of which two bacterial strains R7 and R8 found to be more efficient in promoting different activities of plants which affect the root development. Plants were grown in pots after inoculation. Five different treatments were applied and the six one was control and after harvesting parameters of roots to be analyzed were taken. Five different parameters of roots were observed after harvesting. These parameters include Average root width, Network depth, maximum number of roots, specific root length and network area. Estimation of root parameters was done with the help of GiA root software. GiA software is a new technique to analyze Root System Architecture (RSA) traits. Results were variable after the inoculation of bacterial strains which prove that the PGPB have positive effects on root development and hence all over the plant growth.

Keywords: Bacterial strains; GiA software; Maize; PGPB


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