20. Effect of various Bee wax concentrations on the organoleptic test of sweet orange cv.Valencia late

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Kaleemullah . Muhammad Sajid, Zia Ulhaq, Nadir Ali Suleman Jaffar


The experiment was carried out to determine the “Effect of bee wax levels on the organoleptic test of sweet orange fruits cv. Valencia late” was conducted at Post Harvest Laboratory, The University of Agriculture Peshawar in 2014. The experiment was Completely Randomized Designed (CRD) with two factors repeated three times. The Bee wax levels (control, 2, 4, 6 and 8%) were applied to sweet orange fruits, stored at room temperature (16±1ºC with relative humidity of 60-70%) for 40 days. After each 10 days of intervals sweet orange fruits were analyzed for different sensory evolution attributes. The highest color score (6.17), aroma score (8.15), taste score (6.85), fruit appearance score (8.33) and texture score (7.14). There was a significant variation in all coated and uncoated fruits with the different storage durations. While minimum color (5.09), aroma (6.28), taste (1.73), appearance (2.80) and texture (1.73) were recorded. Interactive effect of both bee wax and storage intervals had a significant effect on all quality parameters. The maximum fruit color score (5.29), taste score (2.37), aroma score (6.42), fruit appearance score (3.75) and texture score (2.60) was recorded in fruit treated with 8% bee wax and stored for 40 days. However the minimum fruit color (4.84), taste (1.26), aroma (6.14), appearance (1.81) and texture (1.14) was observed in untreated fruits, respectively. It was concluded that bee wax at 8% considerably maintained the quality parameters of sweet orange up to 30 days of storage at room condition (16±1ºC with relative humidity of 60-70%).

Keywords: Beewax; Oranganoleptic test; Storage duration; Valencia late




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