23. Laboratory scale study on the effect of feeding quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) as meal on serum biochemistry of broiler

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Samina Mustafa, Zainab Tariq, Ayesha Riaz Muhammad Shareef Masoud Muhammad Ahsan Riaz Madiha Ilyas Sadaf Nazar Anwar ul Haq Zahida Sabir


Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal with the variety of vitamins, minerals contents, important proteins, essential unsaturated fatty acids and carbohydrates with less glycemic index. The current study was designed to evaluate the effects of quinoa seed meal on serum biochemistry of broiler birds. Seventy (one day old) chicks were raised and divided into groups (n=6) with ten birds (n=10) in each group. The total duration of the experiment was 42 days and all the birds were fed with commercially available feed from market (Starter)from day 1 to day 14. From day 15 to day 42 all the birds in group 1 were fed with the dietcontaining50g/kg quinoa seeds meal. Group 2 birds were fed with the dietcontaining100g/kg quinoa seed meal. Group 3 birds were fed with 200g/kg quinoa seeds meal as a protein source. From day 21 to day 42 all birds from group 4 were fed with 50g/kg quinoa seed meal. Group 5 chicks were fed with the dietcontaining100g/kg quinoa seeds meal and group 6 chicks were fed with diet contain quinoa seed meal (200g/kg) as a protein source. Control birds were fed with 100% commercially available feed. In results, significant effects of quinoa meal in the trial. 2 and trial3 improved kidney functions (ALT & AST) and liver functions (Urea &Creatinine). The quinoa phytochemicals indicate major role as protein meal in the poultry feed through a multiplicity of effects.

Keywords: Kidney function; Liver function; Poultry; Quinoa


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