7. Fatty acid profiling and comparative evaluation of carcass cut up yield, meat quality traits of Cobb Sasso, commercial broiler and native aseel chicken

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Muhammad Hayat Jaspal, Sher Ali Nasir Rajput, Muhammad Naeem Farah Naz Talpur Inamur Rehman


The present study was conducted to evaluate three different breeds; Cobb Sasso, Commercial Broiler (Cobb 500) and native Aseel (Desi) birds for carcass cut up yield, meat quality, and fatty acid analyses. A total of 48 birds (16 birds per breed, 8 birds per sex) were selected and transported to a slaughtering facility, UVAS, Lahore. Results showed that breed and sex ad significant effects (p<0.05) on carcass cut up yield. Dressing, breast and inner fillets; and the boneless percentages were found higher in broiler birds, while thighs, drumsticks and wings percentages were observed significantly higher in Cobb Sasso birds. The pH values were significantly higher (p<0.05) at 0, 45 min and 2 hours in Broiler and Cobb Sasso birds as compared to Aseel birds. Furthermore, tenderness values were found significantly higher in Aseel birds followed by Cobb Sasso and Broiler birds which indicate the tougher meat in slow-growing birds. L* (lightness) value was observed higher in Broiler birds, while a* (redness) value was found higher in Aseel chicken at 2 and 24 hours after slaughtering. Results of fatty acid analyses showed a significantly (p<0.05) higher level of SFA in Desi and MUFA in Cobb Sasso. No significant difference was observed for PUFA contents between Broiler and Aseel but significantly (p<0.05) lower level was found in Cobb Sasso. In conclusion, a significant difference was found between the breeds as carcass cut up yield was observed higher in Broiler followed by Cobb Sasso than Aseel birds. Better meat quality attributes were found in Broiler and Cobb Sasso birds as compared to Aseel birds. Furthermore, PUFA contents were observed higher in Aseel and Cobb Sasso birds. 

Keywords: Aseel; Cobb Sasso; Carcass cut up yield; Fatty acid profile; Tenderness



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