14. Prevalence of dermatophytosis and efficacy of antifungal agents against Microsporum canis in cats

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Muhammad Irfan Saleem, Asim Khalid Mahmood Abdul Qudus Mahboob Akbar Muhammad Tariq Naveed Ahsan Nadeem, Muhammad Tanveer Asia Noor Muhammad Attique, Kashif ur Rehman


Dermatophytosis or ringworm is an infectious fungal disease that can be caused by three species of dermatophytes. Microsporum Canis (M. canis) appears to be the most common cause of ringworm. Dermatophytes invade and live in the keratinized layer of the dermis and can be transmitted to humans and animals through direct contact with infected animals or through the ground. The dermatophyte M. canis is the most common fungal agent of dogs and cats. The cat is commonly kept as pet all over the world and in Pakistan. The present study noted the prevalence of M. canis in pet cats in the area of district Lahore and the chemotherapeutic effect of antifungal agents against the M. canis. The animals found positive with M. canis were divided into three groups named, group A (griseofulvin), group B (ketoconazole) and group C (terbinafine). All the drugs were given orally, and the efficacy of each drug was observed by collecting the samples on 15 days interval after the commencement of treatment until the mycological cure was achieved up till day 90th. The prevalence of M. canis infestation was 31%. The breed wise prevalence was highest in Persian cats as compared to Siamese, and local breed and the prevalence were also higher in young ones as compared to old age cats. Moreover, the calculation of efficacy revealed that griseofulvin was the best drug among the three drugs used.

Keywords: Dermatophytosis; Griseofulvin; Ketoconazole; Ringworm; Terbinafine



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