Genetic potential and variability for phenological and yield attributes in facultative winter wheat

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Muhammad Ishaq Gulzar Ahmad, Khilwat Afridi, Murad Ali Saeed Ullah Hamid-ur-Rahman1, Tanzim Ullah Khan Muhammad Adeel Qureshi1, Irfan Ahmad Shah Amir Saleem, Muhammad Saeed


To feed ever growing world population, development of high yielding and disease resistant wheat varieties are of utmost importance. A set of 20 genotypes including 18 facultative winter wheat lines and two checks (Pirsabak-2005 & Pirsabak-2013) cultivar were evaluated at Cereal Crops Research Institute (CCRI), Pirsabak Nowshera Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Pakistan during 2014-15 cropping season. Highly significant differences (P ≤ 0.01) were found among the facultative lines for all traits except biological yield. Days to heading, maturity, plant height, biological yield, grain yield and harvest index varied from 116 to 133 days, 152 to 168 days and 87 to 128 cm, 11805.56 to 16666.67 kg ha-1, 1627.78 to 4713.89 kg ha-1 and 15.11 to 36.00% respectively. Based on mean performance, FWWL-6 was found best for days to heading and maturity as it headed and matured earlier than other lines. For reduced height, FWWL-7 was found best. Comparison of mean for grain yield showed that FWWL-14 produced the highest grain yield (4713.89 kg ha-1) as compared to other genotypes. Heritability estimates in broad sense for days to heading, maturity, plant height, grain yield, biological yield and harvest index was 0.81, 0.59, 0.86, 0.26, 0.70 and 0.83 respectively. Genetic advance (%) for days to heading, days to maturity, plant height, biological yield, grain yield and harvest index was 3.69, 2.61, 10.98, 4.83, 19.67 and 22.93 respectively. High heritability estimates for all the traits except biological yield, suggested that selection would be more effective to develop superior lines that could be used in future wheat improvement programs.

Keywords: Correlation; Heritability (Broad sense); Wheat Potential; Winter wheat

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