25. Comparative study on the efficiency of various feed additives on growth performance of broiler

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Iqra Akber, Nasir Rajput Sher Ali Muhammad Naeem, Mahum Mumtaz, Laraib Rajput Qamaruddin Jogi Rameez Raja Kaleri


Present experiment was carried out at Department of Poultry Husbandry, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam to observe the influence of various feed additives on growth performance of broiler. Total 150 day old chicks were purchased from local hatchery and divided into 5 groups, i.e, T1 Control, T2 (basal diet with Enramycin -0.15 gm/kg), T3 (basal diet with enzymes (XAP -0.1 gm/kg), T4 (basal diet with probiotics -0.06 gm/kg), and T5 (basal diet with prebiotic -0.1 gm/kg), group, respectively. Current investigation was performed at Sindh Poultry Vaccine Centre Karachi. The findings of present study showed that average feed consumption was observed highest in T4 group followed by T2, T5, T3 and T1 group. Results for liver weight was observed significantly higher (P<0.05) in T4 followed by T5, T2, T3 and T1 groups. Whereas maximum FCR (feed conversion ratio) was observed in T4 and poor in T1 group. While maximum dressing percentage was observed in T4 group followed by T5, T3, T2 and T1. The results showed that live weight was observed higher in T1 group followed by T2, T4, T5 and T3. While higher gizzard weight was observed in T3 group followed by T5, T1, T4 and T2 group. The weight of intestine was observed maximum in T2 followed by T5, T3, T4 and T1 group. In our study significantly higher (P<0.05) fat pad was observed in group T1 followed by T2, T3, T4 and T5 group. While maximum moisture percentage was recorded in T4 group as followed T5, T2, T2 and T1 group. Whereas the results for crude protein was observed higher in T4 group followed by T5, T3, T2, and T1 group. It is concluded that among different feed additives probiotic (T4) and prebiotic (T5) groups improved the production performance, increase nutrient digestibility and is more economical than other feed additives.

Keywords: Broiler; Feed additives; Digestibility; Production; Economics


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