28. Relationship of heat wave and dietary factors on high blood pressure in hypertensive female population under extreme weather conditions

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Ayesha Riaz Anika Ubaid Muhammad Ahsan Riaz Madiha Ilyas Sadaf Nazar


Seasonal effects on blood pressure variations related diseases have been studied in several populations. The study has been conducted to examine the blood pressure fluctuations and dietary factors in the elderly population under extreme weather conditions. The association of blood pressure in relation to serum profile and outdoor temperature was examined in one hundred and sixteen young systemic hypertension female subjects in our study that previously diagnosed as hypertensive. Subjects were evaluated for fasting serum cholesterol profiles and observed that there was a significant difference in serum cholesterol levels among these two groups (pre-high blood pressure group (175.6±4.26) versus high blood pressure group (206.16±5.48).We observed the effects of vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet on high blood pressure among the hypertensive female population. A significant difference was observed in systolic blood pressure (140.75±1.84) in vegetarian hypertensive subjects in comparison with systolic blood pressure (149±2.19) among non-vegetarian hypertensive study group. Similarly, effect of vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet on diastolic blood pressure was also studied. A significant difference in diastolic blood pressure was also observed among vegetarians (87.93±0.88) and non-vegetarian group (92.16±1.12) under extreme temperature conditions. We observed that the increase in serum cholesterol level and outdoor temperature is directly related to elevation in hypertension ratio noticed that high temperature affects hypertensive content in female population who also exhibited elevated serum cholesterol profile. Similarly a high blood pressure ratio was observed among non-vegetarians as compared to vegetarian group. The current study emphasizes that dietary pattern modifications are probably one of the most important tools for effective lowering of high blood pressure.

Keywords: Heatwave; Hypertension; Metabolic disorders; Non-vegetarians Serum cholesterol level; Systolic blood pressure



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