29. Assessment of waste management practices in hospitals of Islamabad and Abbottabad-Pakistan

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Khushbukhat Khan, Sidra Shaheen, Huma Iqbal, Ghazala Mushtaq Raja RohinaArif, Madeeha Khalil, Amna Munawaa Maryem Batool, Maryiam Farooq, Hafsa Khan, Areej Abdul Sattar, Khadija Ilyas, Azka Tariq Sehrish Khan, Ayesha Hanna, Tayyaba Ehsaan


Hospital’s wastes (HW) are considered the most hazardous category of waste. According to World Health Organization (WHO), HW is a special waste whose disposal required special procedure and care. The conditions regarding hospital waste management (HWM) in developing countries are discordant with prescribed management methods. Unfortunately, Pakistan is also among countries where not much attention is paid to waste management (WM). To device any combating strategy, there is a need of proper data describing: the conditions of the country’s hospitals, methods used for waste management and factors hindering the disposal process. So, current study is conducted to assess the present conditions of waste management in two cities of Pakistan - Islamabad and Abottabad. Major factors which influence the safe disposal of hospital waste are also highlighted. The results obtained indicate the unawareness and ill practices in hands of waste handling staff, thus suggesting proper training of medical staff such as sanitary workers and an observant administrative system to reduce poor hygienic conditions. Proper waste handling and WM practices in hospitals will not only keep physicians, waste handling staff and patients from harm’s way but will also reduce probability of environmental contamination.

Keywords: Hospital waste management; Hospital waste; Infectious waste; Pakistan hospitals; waste management



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