30. Amelioration of pathological effects of Newcastle disease by Aloe vera

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Raza Ali Shahid Shahzad Akbar Khan Zafar Iqbal Chaudhary Muhammed Ali Abdullah Shah


The aim of study was to observe the ameliorative effects of Aloe veraon Newcastle disease (ND) in broilers. Commercial broiler chicks (Hubbard) were divided into different groups i.e. negative control group, non-vaccinated Aloe vera group, vaccinated Aloe vera group and vaccinated non-treated group and challenged with velogenic ND virus. Blood samples were collected at different days post inoculation forsero-conversion and hematology. Moreover, lymphoid organs were collected for weight and histological analysis.Antibodytiter was highest in vaccinated Aloe vera group followed byvaccinated non-treated group (A) and non-vaccinated Aloe vera group. Lymphoid organ’s weight was significantly less (p<0.05) in vaccinated Aloe vera treated group followed by Aloe vera treated group and non- treated group (A).Histopathologyrevealed congestion, depletion of lymphocytes, dysplasia of thymic lobules, thinning of cortex, focal necrosis, disappearance of lymph follicles and interfollicular edema like lesions within lymphoid organ of the groups challenged with Newcastle disease virus. However, there was significant difference (p<0.05) between Aloe veratreated and non-treated group (A) as treated groups showed less pathological changes as compared to non-treated groups (A). Hematology showed significant difference (p<.05) within differential leukocyte count (DLC) of the chickens in all groups.Feed consumption of non-treated group(A) was higher than treated Groups but the weight gain was more in Aloe veratreatedgroups.After infection the feed intake of non-treated group was lowered then treatment group due to disease stress. The body weight gain of 2% Aloe vera supplemented broiler was significantly (p<.05) higher than without Aloe vera treated group. It was concluded that Aloe vera contains many biological active components which plays a significant role in ameliorating all kinds of pathological effects produced by New Castle Disease Virus in broilers.

Keywords:Aloe vera; Broilers; ELISA; Haemagglutination inhibition test; Histopathology; New castle disease


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