34. Effect of Roy’s adaptation model based interventions on quality of life in patients with type II diabetes

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Iram Majeed, Sana Sehar, Muhammad Afzal, Syed Amir Gilani, Kousar Parveen Rafique Ahmed


Diabetes is a chronic illness and considered as one of significant health problem affecting quality of life. Roy’ adaptation model based care plan is a non-invasive, non-medicated and cost efficient way to limit physical and psychological issues of patients with chronic diseases. Objective of present study was to see the effects of Roy’s adaptation model based interventions on the quality of life in patients with type II diabetes. Quasi experimental approach with 40 type II diabetics was used. Diabetes-Specific Quality of Life Scale (D-39) was used to collect data before and after intervention. Intervention involving education regarding adaptive strategies was given for 12 weeks to type II diabetics. Close monitoring of patients was done for 12 weeks. Mean score of quality of life depicts an enhancement as difference in two means. Difference in means present a way to prove the positive effect of Roy model. So, these differences in various aspects of quality of life show that Roy’s adaptation model has positive implications for type II diabetics. Results show Roy’s adaptation model based interventions significantly affected QOL as p-value was 0.000. Roy’ adaptation model served a vital role in practice to enhance QOL of type II diabetics. Roy’ adaptation model can be used effectively to manage chronic diseases where no cure is present and the only way is to maximize quality of life of patients. It could be concluded that there is a need to apply Roy’ adaptation model in routine clinical practice to manage chronic disease. Clinical area with model based education could be a positive force towards better life.

Keywords: Adaptation; Diabetes; Model; Quality of Life


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