38. Agroforestry practices and its contribution to combat climate change in subtropical region of Pakistan

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Suleman Shah, Aamir Saleem, Saeed Gulzar Arshad Mehmood Malik Javed Iqbal Khattak


Agroforestry systems could have an indirect impact on Carbon (C) sequestrations by reducing the pressure on natural forests, which are the largest C sink in the terrestrial ecosystem. This research was conducted in subtropical region of Pakistan (Tehsil Takht Bhai District Mardan). Two types of sampling methodologies were used for data collection. A questionnaire was compiled for the collection of information on Agroforestry practices, while a stratified random sampling method was used to collect data and made measurements about carbon contents stored in these agroforestry systems. Total 15 trees species were found associated with agricultural practices belonging to 7 families. Four (4) species were belonging to Moraceae family. One (1) specie belonged to Meleiaceae, Myrtaceae and Simaroubaceae each, 4 species belonged to Fabaceae and 2 species belonged to Rhamnaceae family. Total area under Agroforestry practices was about 22,866.4 hectares. Major Agroforestry system was Agrisilviculture system under practice in 11433.2 hectares land area, followed by Silvopastoral system which occupied 6859.9 hectares while area covered by Agrisilvipastoral system was 4573.2 hectares. 275 farmers were interviewed. Through final analysis it was found that 67% farmers were practicing pure Agrisilviculture system, 21% farmers were in favor of Silvopastoral system and 12% farmers practiced Agrisilvopastoral system. The greatest amount of carbon was stored by Silvopastoral system (76.33 t.ha-1) followed by Agrisilvopastoral system (68.05 t.ha-1) while the least carbon was stored by Agrisilvicultural system (11.61 t.ha-1).

Keywords: Agroforestry practices; Agrisilviculture; Agrisilvipastoral; Biomass; Carbon stocks; Climate change; Silvopastoral



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