46. Assessment of factors affecting and causing Hepatitis B in Balochistan-Pakistan

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Hayat Ullah Asad Ullah Muhammad Waseem Khan


Hepatitis B infection caused by HBV is transmitted through HBV contaminated blood and body fluids, is a major communicable disease of vertical transmission. HBV infection is endemic in Asia pacific regions including Pakistan. The main objective of this study was to determine most common factors affecting and causing Hepatitis B. A cross sectional research study was conducted where blood samples were taken from suspected Hepatitis B individuals for diagnosis and confirmation of HBV. Social and demographical factors were studied with the help of questionnaire. Hepatitis B disease is promoted through sharing of equipment and environment with HBV infected individuals. Smoking either active or passive was significantly positively correlated with Hepatitis B disease whereas education and socioeconomic status were negatively correlated with Hepatitis B. The study conclude that unhygienic practices particularly in dental clinics substantially increase the risk of Hepatitis B. The present study serves as a primary data and will be helpful in future research on Hepatitis B in Balochistan.

Keywords: Communicable diseases; Environmental health; Epidemiology; Hepatitis B Virus; Infection; Prevalence



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