47. The histological effects of a bio-energy water on degenerated adductor muscles in cultured juvenile abalone, Haliotis discus hannai

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Asmat Ullah Shah Huh Min Do, Bo Seong Kim Lawang Khan Baloch


This study was conducted at Laboratory of Fish and Shellfish Pathology (LFSP), Department of Aquatic Life Medicine, Pukyong National University, Republic of Korea to examine the recovery of degenerated adductor muscles in juvenile abalone (Haliotis discus hannai) cultured in bioenergy water for four weeks. Juvenile abalones were fetched from an abalone farm; south Jeola Province Wando County, Republic of Korea which were divided into treatment and control groups. General sea water was used in control whereas bioenergy water was used in treatment groups. Five samples were collected randomly with (n=8) individuals in each sampling. Juvenile abalones were dissected, fixed and refixed (in 10%formalin). Adductor muscles were chopped, dehydrated for tissue processing (in 70-100% ethyl alcohol) and embedded with paraffin wax (58-62oC). Thin (4μm) ribbons of embedded tissues were obtained using rotatory microtome which were then stained with Haematoxylin and Eosin (H&E method) and preceded for light microscopy finally. In the first sample (0 weeks), atrophy in adductor muscles was observed. In the second sample (one week after applying bioenergy water), muscle histology improved significantly. Muscle fiber histology recovered completely in the third sample (two weeks after applying bioenergy water). Lesions disappeared in fourth and fifth samples too (three and four weeks after applying bioenergy water).The adductor muscles recovered because of immunopotentiating characteristics of bioenergy water that sustained its normal structure. Results of this study suggest that bioenergy water can cure the degenerated adductor muscles of juvenile abalone. Bioenergy water could be used for culturing of fish/shell fish in future.

Keywords: Abalone; Adductor muscles; Bioenergy water; Haliotis discus hannai; Immunity; Lesion; Necrosis; Vacuolization



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