54. Influence of water and feeding frequencies on milk composition of dairy cows

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Qurban Ali Memon, Muhammad Haroon Baloch , Muhammad Naeem Rajput, Muhammad Ghiasuddin Shah Asad Ali Khaskheli Turab Ali Korejo, Mohsin Ali Solangi


This study was conducted at Danial dairy farm, Karachi. A total 15 Holstein friesian cows under 3rd lactation were selected from 300 cows and were divided into 5 groups. Cows in group A (control) were offered ad-libitum feed and water, in group B; 2 time feed (Morning 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM) and ad-libitum water, in group C; 3 times feed (6:00 AM, 2:00 noon and 10:00 PM) and ad-libitum water, in group D; ad-libitum feed and 2 times water (6:00 AM and 6:00 PM), in group E; ad-libitum feed and 3 times water (6:00 AM, 2:00 noon and 10:00 PM). Results of present study indicated maximum protein (3.62±0.12%) in group-B and minimum (3.22±0.09%) in group-C. Lactose content was higher (4.54±0.35%) in group-E and lower (3.94±0.27%) in group-B. Maximum fat (4.65±0.06%) was recorded in group-D and A, while minimum (4.6±0.02%) was observed in group-A. Statistically significant difference occurred among group-A with D and E against fat percent. Solid-not-fat (8.85±0.16%) was recorded higher in group-E and lower (8.23±0.06%) in group-A. However, there was significant difference in solid not fat (%) among group-A, B and E. Maximum total solids (13.64±0.24%) were recorded in group-E and minimum (13.39±0.14%) in group-B. Statistically significant difference among group-A, D and E was seen against total solids. Maximum ash (0.66±0.03%) was recorded in group-A and minimum (0.27±0.02%) in group-E, while among group-A, B and C significant variation occurred. Specific gravity (1.03±1.45 g/cm3) was recorded maximum in group-A and minimum (1.01±2.08 g/cm3) in group-C. Study concludes that the milk composition of Holstein friesian cows is considerably impaired by different dietary regimes. Protein found prominently improved in group-B, lactose and ash content were better in group-A, fat was higher in group-D, while solid-not-fat and total solids were better in group-E and D, respectively.

Keywords: Cow; Feeding frequency; Lactation; Milk; Milk composition



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