To assess the fresh water algal diversity in relation to water quality from river Panjkora, district Dir lower, Pakistan

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Muhammad Shuaib Kashif Ali Umar Zeb Sajjad Ahmed Sajjad Ali Ikramullah Khan Fida Hussain


Thirty-five species belong to fresh water are taxonomically identified with the quality of water bodies from the remote areas. The samples are collected from the river Panjkora different sites during February 2015 to August 2016. Algae are collected, identified and describe in the area for the first time and exploration of the local species are presented in this article. The total 35 species belongs to 16 Genera, 15 Families, 12 Orders, 9 classes and 5 Phylum’s having phylum Chlorophyta includes 22 (63%) species, Charophyta 6(17%) species, Euglenophyta 4 (11%) Species, Ochrophyta 2 (6%) species and Rhodophyta 1 (3%) species. The most dominant are Genus Euglena 4 species (24%), Genera Ankistrodesmus, Microspora, Spirogyra and Ulothrix has 3 Species (17%), Genera Chaetophora, Chlamydomonas, Cladophora, Nitella, Oocystis, Stigeoclonium and Volvox has 2 species (12%), Asterococcus, Batrachospermum, Chlorochromonas, Synura, Zygogonium each has 1 species (6%).It is the first inclusive taxonomical study in river Panjokora and its surrounding area, the river Panjkora is rich of algal species further investigations were needed.

Keywords: Physico-chemical characteristics; Algal diversity; Freshwater; River Panjkora; Dir lower; Pakistan


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