58. Hematobiochemical alterations and gross pathology of liver fluke infestation in goat (Capra hircus) in Poonch Azad Kashmir

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Ayesha Aslam Shahzad Akbar Khan Muhammad Tarique Tunio Muhammad Shehzad


Study was conducted on two hundred blood samples for hematobiochemical analysis where as two hundred liver samples were also collected after slaughter for routine histopathology. Age of the animals was determined on the basis of teeth and the animals were divided in to two groups, young and adult goats having hundred animals in each group. Subjective evidence of the disease was recorded on the day of slaughter. Clinical signs were recorded from goats before slaughter. Cumulative score of the macroscopic changes was determined in the form of hepatomegally, large areas of haemorrhages, change in consistency, presence of flukes, blockage of gall bladder and inflammation of gall bladder. Overall score of macroscopic changes inadult goats was quite higher than goats in young group. Biochemical and haematological study showed that there was increase in the concentration of glucose, urea, creatinine, triglycerides, Alanine transferases, Aspartate transferases, Alkaline phosphatises and Gammaglutamyl transferases in adult goats infected with liver flukes while there was sharp decrease of serum total protein in adult goats. In animals of young age group these parameters are not affected much. Macroscopic lesions noted during the study revealed changes on parenchyma and in billiary tract. Fibroblasts were evident in the areas migrated by flukes. Necrosis of hepatocytes, fibrosis and mononuclear cellular infiltration was detected in goats of adult age group in comparison to goats of young age group. It is concluded that fascioliasis caused considerable pathological alterations in hematobiochemical parameters as well as gross and microscopic changes in the liver of affected goats.

Keywords: Caprine Fascioliasis; Hematobiochemical; Macroscopic lesion; Necrosis



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