72. Humic acid, an effective amendment used for amelioration of Phosphatic fertilizer and enhancing maize yield

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Zaheer Ahmad, Qudrat Ullah Khan Abdul Qadoos Muhammad Jamil Khan, Abida Saleem, Zarina Bibi


Humic acid (HA) is an important concentrated organic material which has been found effective in amelioration of nutrients and their availability to plants. To study the effect of HA integrated with phosphatic fertilizer a field trial was carried out on maize crop. In the field experiment randomized complete block design in a split plot pattern was used. The main plots were assigned to humic acid and without humic acid, while the sub – plots were allocated to P fertilizer levels i.e. 40, 80, 120, 160 and 200 kg P2O5 ha-1. Results recorded after the harvest of crop showed HA applied in integration with phosphatic fertilizer was effective in improving the properties of soil. Soil pH was significantly decreased, while organic matter content, soil nitrogen and phosphorus significantly enhanced. Also the agronomic traits studied viz. plant height (187.69cm), leaf area (334.57cm2), leaf area index (16549.8 cm2), grains ear-1 (310.33), biological yield (16471.7 kg ha-1), 100 grain weight (24.44g), grain yield (3085.99 kg ha-1 ) were found significantly higher in the plots receiving humic acid along with phosphorus @ 120 kg P2O5 ha-1. The benefit cost ratio (BCR) was found higher (2.90) for the plots receiving HA along with phosphatic fertilizer @ 120 kg ha-1 as compared with the rest of the treatments.  It may be concluded that humic acid is an important amendment used from improving soil properties. Also its application along with applied with phosphatic fertilizer @120kg ha-1 was economical and also gave higher maize growth and yield.

Keywords: Economics; Humic acid; Maize; Phosphatic fertilizer; Yield



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