73. Cassia fistula as a curative strategy for lactic acidosis in goats

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Muhammad Qasim Koondhar, Riaz Ahmed, Leghari, Muhammad Ismail Memon, Moolchand Malhi Asad Ali Khaskheli Mujeeb ul Rehman Memon


Ruminal acidosis is a metabolic disorder occurs in ruminants due to feeding errors. It represents a significant economic loss due to direct as well as indirect effects on the affected animals. In present study a total of twenty four goats were focused to observe the efficacy of Cassia fistula against induced lactic acidosis. Goats were divided into two groups viz A and B. Group A were induced lactic acidosis by offering the ingested crushed wheat grains, while group B was kept as control and provided normal diet. Following clinical signs goats were treated with the Cassia fistula and examined for the changes in physiological parameters like body temperature, respiration rate, heart rate, rumen motility, rumen pH, blood pH, and liver function test at the interval of 24, 48 and 72 hours after the treatment. Body temperature, ruminal and intestinal movement, ruminal pH, blood pH, respiration rate and heart rate in goats affected with lactic acidosis were found 98.1±0.890F, 0.23±0.48/m, 4.8±0.07, 7.1±0.08, 56.14±7.15/m 136.28±4.71/m respectively, however they became normal after treatment with Cassia fistula. Further, glucose level (190.14±36.49 mg/dl), total bilirubin (0.75±0.04 mg/dl), direct bilirubin (0.27±0.03 mg/dl), indirect bilirubin (0.40±0.03 mg/dl), alanine aminotransferase ALT or serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (SGPT) (36.42±3.04 U/L) and alkaline phosphatase (420±3.65 U/l) were significantly (P<0.05) increased, goats showed increased rumen and intestinal motility, hemo-concentration and increased Hb% (15.02±1.30), however after treatment with Cassia fistula all serum biochemical changes were significantly (P<0.05) returned to the normal. Study concluded that the Cassia fistula is highly effective against lactic acidosis. It supports the ruminal and intestinal motility and rapidly restore all physiological changes.

Keywords: Cassia fistula; Clinical examination; Lactic acidosis; Sign



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