75. Genetic divergence for seedling and qualitative traits of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) germplasm

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Salma Anjum, Abdul Hamid Abdul Ghafoor Raja Mohib Muazzam Naz, Kashif Khaqan Muhammad Aqeel Muhammad Ilyas Khan


One hundred and eighty-five tomato genotypesere explored for seedling and qualitative characters of tomato fruits and plants. Significant variations were detected for all studied traits. Hypocotyl length (HL) ranged from 13.2 to 71.4 mm with a mean value of 40.86±0.86. Primary leaf length (PLL) showed the range from 12.1 to 42.3 mm. Primary leaf width (PLW) ranged from 3.2 to 12.1 mm and the mean value was 6.46±0.12. Among qualitative analysis, eighty percent of genotypes showed good health. Various qualitative traits (fruit shape, color and size, foliage density and leaf type) for vegetative and reproductive stages were sufficient to differentiate the tomato germplasm in addition to seedlings. Dendrogram based on qualitative traits (fruit and plant) of 185 genotypes of tomato germplasm comprising five main clusters. Germplasm comprised almost all the classes reported somewhere else demonstrating prime diversity for diverse qualitative traits of seedlings in the germplasm of tomato preserved in the gene bank excluding hypocotyl pubescence. The present study of the seedling will be helpful with qualitative data of fruit and plant for establishment of the core set in providing information about the study of morphological evaluation, genetic relationships and representation of genetic diversity.

Keywords: Genetic divergence; Germplasm; Qualitative traits; Seedling; Tomato accessions



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