76. Improving growth and yield of mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) through foliar application of silver and zinc nanoparticles

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Allah Wasaya, Tauqeer Ahmad Yasir Naeem Sarwar, Omer Farooq Ghulam Rasool Sheikh Abdul Wahid Baloch


Nano-particles are being used in every aspect of modern life and their application is rapidly expanding even in agriculture. Silver (Ag) and Zinc (Zn) nano-particles are hypothesized to enhance growth and productivity of crop plants. Therefore, current experiment was conducted to evaluate the impact of foliarly applied Ag and Zn nano-particles on growth characteristics and yield attributes of mungbean. This experimental study was comprised of sixteen treatments having 3 replications. Three concentrations of Ag nano-particles (10, 20 and 30 ppm) and Zinc nano-particles (2, 4 and 6 ppm) were used as sole treatment as well as in combinations and compared with the untreated control. Foliar application of nano-particles significantly affected growth, yield and yield related traits. Number of branches per plant, pods per plant, chlorophyll contents and grain yield was improved in plots where Ag and Zn nanoparticles were applied in combination @ 20 ppm + 6 ppm concentration, respectively. About 26% increase in seed yield was recorded under combined application of Ag and Zn nanoparticles (i.e. 20 ppm + 6 ppm). A significant reduction in branches per plant, number of pods per plant, chlorophyll contents and seed yield was observed in control plots and it was at par with higher concentration of applied silver and zinc nanoparticles i.e. 30 ppm + 6 ppm, respectively. The results of the current study suggest that Ag and Zn nanoparticles should be applied in combination @ 20 ppm + 6 ppm respectively to improve mungbean production under arid regions.

Keywords: Foliar spray; Nano-particles; Seed yield; Vigna radiata


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