81. Assessing the seasonal transfer of Pb and Cu from pasture to animals in the vicinity of coal mines in district Chakwal, Pakistan

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Mubeen Akhtar, Zafar Iqbal Khan, Kafeel Ahmad Naunain Mehmood Shahzadi Mahpara Muhammad Nadeem Kinza Wajid, Maria Gazzal Zarrin Fatima Rizvi Ijaz Rasool Norka Asma Ashfaq, Ifra Saleem Malik, Farzan Shaheen, Zill-e-Huma, Mudasra Munir, Humayun Bashir, Muhammad Sohail


The present investigation was aimed to search out Pb and Cu level in soil, fodder and blood samples of sheep at five different sites in district Chakwal of Punjab, Pakistan. The value of Pb observed in soil is much greater than acceptable limit 0.3 mg/kg recommended by FAO/WHO (2001), while in fodder and blood samples Pb values are lesser than tolerable limit. Value of Cu observed in soil and blood samples were lower than tolerated limit, while in fodder Cu values are higher. PLI values were found to be higher than 1 for both metals and higher values are recorded for Pb. BCF and DIM values are lower than 1 for Pb and Cu and higher values are recorded in Cu. HRI values are higher for Cu as compared to Pb. EF are found to be lower than 1 for both metals and varied from 0.82 to 0.24mg/kg. Pb showed a positive and significant correlation in both season however Cu showed a positive and non-significant correlation in winter season.

Keywords: Blood; Chakwal; Copper; Fodder; Lead; Pakistan; Plasma; Soil



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