84. Influence of seed priming with CuSO4 and ZnSO4 on germination and seedling growth of oat under NaCl stress

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Saima Iqbal, Amir Muhammad Khan, Iqra Dilshad, Kashmala Moatter, Tauqeer Ahmed Syed Aneel Gilani


Salinity is a grave problem across the world which retards growth and productivity of plants. Seed priming is a technique which enhances growth and yield of crops by overcoming salt stress. Present study was conducted to examine the effect of grains priming of Avena sativa L. with different micronutrients (Cu & Zn) grown under NaCl stress. In this study grains of Avena were primed with two different concentration levels (100 & 200ppm) of CuSO4 & ZnSO4 solutions. After priming, these grains were treated with different levels of NaCl (60mM, 90mM & 120mM) and these results are compared with control groups. The effect of CuSO4, ZnSO4 and NaCl was observe on different physiological growth parameter including germination speed, germination percentage, root and shoot length, root and shoot fresh and dry biomass and biomoisture contents of root and shoot were observed. It was observed that grains without priming exhibited reduced growth under NaCl stress. Whereas priming of grains with CuSO4 and ZnSO4 showed improved growth in all growth traits as compared to non-primed seeds. It was evaluated that grains primed with ZnSO4 at 200ppm showed enhanced germination speed. Whereas grains treated with CuSO4 at 200ppm showed decreased germination speed. It was also demonstrated that priming of grains with both micronutrients (CuSO4 & ZnSO4) at 200ppm concentration exhibited higher shoot length as compared to Grains without priming grown in NaCl. It was concluded that seed priming technique can overcome the effects of salinity to some extent.  

Keywords: Avena sativa L.; CuSO4; NaCl; Salinity; Seed priming; germination speed and percentage; ZnSO4


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