89. Population variations of fruit flies, Bactrocera spp. in mango orchards of Hyderabad and Larkana Sindh

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Zain-Ul-Aabdin Abro, Naheed Baloch Raza Muhammad Memon, Niaz Hussain Khuhro , Qadeer Ahmed Soomro


Studies were undertaken during 2018 on population fluctuations of Bactrocera fruit flies on mango orchard plants in parts of two districts (Hyderabad and Larkana) of Sindh Province. Investigations were carried out using methyl eugenol lured traps. The male lure tempted traps were erected at three meter height and replenished on fortnightly basis. Results revealed that significantly higher population of B. zonata flies per trap were recorded in the month of June in mango orchards of district Hyderabad and Larkana as 658.6±20.26 flies, 601.9±25.38 flies, respectively.  B. dorsalis (447.4±18.3, 396.9±38.79) population in June at both sites. Moreover, lowest population of both species as 7.7±0.96 and 5.9±0.97 flies per trap were recorded in the month of December at site in Larkana. On contrary lower number of flies per trap as 12.9±1.35, and 9.5±0.45 of B. zonata and B. dorsalis were observed in the month of January in mango orchard of Hyderabad district. Both species were positively correlated with the temperature while negatively correlated to relative humidity. Results of the present investigation would be helpful in developing sustainable male annihilation technique (MAT) which is an important component in integrated pest management program (IPM) being in practice for fruit fly monitoring and control in mango orchards in Sindh.

Keywords: Bactrocera fruit flies; MAT; Methyl eugenol; Meteorological factors; Population variations



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