91. Integrated scoring of salinity stress on agro-morphometric and seed storage proteins in barley landraces

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Murad Ali Manzoor Hussain Saeed Abdullah, Waqar Khan, Mohammad Nisar


Abiotic stress factors, especially high temperatures and salinity, represent
the major constraints limiting agricultural production. In present investigation barley forty selected lines was treated in pods at three salt concentrations (25, 50 and 75 mM NaCl) and one control line. In present investigation the maximum salinity affect the yield, spike and total biomass of the plant. For the genetic diversity among barley lines two method were applied morphological evaluation under IPGRI 1994 descriptor and protein profiling, a significant genetic variation index were occur in qualitative traits on the basis of frequency distribution. As result two clusters was obtained at linkage distance 25. Cluster-1 contains 39 lines while cluster-2 contains only 1 line. In protein profiling a total of 12 bands were observed in which 10 bands were polymorphic and two bands 1 and 9 were monomorphic. the genetic diversity on band  1 is 0.65%, band 2 (0.58%), band 3 and 4 (0.45%),  band 5 (0.50), band 6 (0.55), band 7 (0.60), band 8 (0.28), band 9 (0.68), band 10 (0.75), band 11 (0.70), band 12 (0.65), these bands were further divided into three zone on the basis of molecular weight. Zone one contain four bands (band 12, 11, 10, 9), zone two contain four (band 8, 7, 6, 5), zone three also contain four bands (band 4, 3, 2, 1). Band 5 dominantly present in zone two bands 10 is dominantly present in zone one which show significant genetic diversity among barley genotypes, a dendrogram tree were also construct for protein bands. As result three clusters were obtained at linkage distance 25. Cluster-1 contains 16 genotypes cluster-2 contains only 14 genotype and cluster-3 contains 10 genotypes out up 40.

Keywords: barley; morphometric traits; Salinity; SDS-PAGE; Seed Storage Proteins



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