92. Morphotaxonomic characteristics of Hymenolepis mehrabpurensis N. sp., from (Turdoides striata, 1823 Leiothrichidae) of the tropical region, Sindh-Pakistan

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Wali Muhammad Mangrio Hakim Ali Sahito Tasneem Kousar, Zafar Hussain Shah, Faheem Ahmed Jatoi


Sindh province having own unique identification due to historical Indus civilization and River Indus but research work was conducted at district: Naushahro Feroze, which is a most imperative sahati region of central Sindh and comprises mostly agriculture-based lands. For prevalence of helminth parasitic burden in Jungle babbler, a total no of (n=12) T. striata were collected from Taluka, Mehrabpur, during 2017-18 and (n= 86) specimen were recovered belonging to the genus; Hymenolepis Weinland, 1858 which were recovered from intestine and clocal opening. Whole specimens were pragmatic morphologically change, having larger opaque body and maximum width at gravid segments. Whitish delicate, long muscular scolexes, rostellum with rostellular sac contained four hooks in a single row, neck with 246, gravid 190 and mature proglottids 56 in number. All segments found wider than long, muscular suckers similar in length. Dome-shaped ovary, compact and irregular vitelline glands, cirrus sac is proturated outward, vagina situated behind the ovary, eggs oval-shaped and testes three to five in number. Actually, duration of present work was 12 months but high intensity of infection recorded in the month of January and minimum in June, by consequent difference compared (P<0.05) cold and hot summer seasons. The present findings suggest that more work should be carried out other former friendly Aves in this region. This is a new documentary and new record documented first time over the helminth parasites in above mentioned region.

Keywords: Cirrus sac; Hymenolepis; Proglottids; Rostellum; T. striata; Vitelline glands


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