103. Influence of seed priming with PbSO4 and FeSO4 on germination and seedling growth of cabbage under NaCl stress

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Iqra Dilshad Amir Muhammad Khan Saima Iqbal, Kashmala Moatter Syed Aneel Gilani


The impact of salinity causes nutrients imbalance and accumulation of toxic elements in plants which reduce water in filtration and plant growth. In present study seeds were primed with Lead acetate (PbSO4) and Iron sulphate (FeSO4) at two dose levels(100 and 200 ppm) and then treated with 4 control groups in different experiments like seeds without priming grown in fresh water, primed seeds grown in distilled water, only sterilized seeds without priming grown in distilled water, treatment of seeds without priming with different Sodium chloride (NaCl) concentrations (60mM, 90mM, 120mM) and experimental group primed seeds grown in different concentrations of NaCl salinity (60mM, 90mM, 120mM). All growth factors like seedling growth percentage, rate of germination, root, shoot length, bio moisture contents of root and shoot, fresh and dry weight of seedlings were observed. It was estimated that seeds without priming exhibited reduced growth under NaCl stress. Priming of seeds with FeSO4 showed fairly better results whereas priming of seeds with PbSO4did not show any significant improvement in growth parameters

Keywords: Brassica oleracea; Germination; PbSO4 and FeSO4; Salinity stress; Seed priming; Seedling growth



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