108. Biology, morphology and taxonomy of Lesser Date Moth, Batrachedra amydraula (Lepidoptera: Batrachedridae) under two different temperatures

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Faheem Ahmed Jatoi Hakim Ali Sahito Tasneem Kousar, Wali Muhammad Mangrio, Zafar Hussain Shah


The research study was conducted during the summer season and work methodology was based on 5 treatments and 5 replications under corridor room temperature and air-conditioner from egg to adult at DPRI, SALU-Khaipur. The overall mean population of eggs laid (45.4) with eggs fertility (78.83%). The 1st stage instar took (2.78±0.30), 2nd (4.58±0.41), 3rd (4.02±0.33), 4th (5.48±0.41) and 5th (7.54±0.32) days, pupae (10.56) and total developmental days were (38.44). Thus; an adult male longevity (9.24) days and female was (11.00) besides; the total life span of male was observed (47.72) and female (49.61) days under corridor / natural room temperature. Thus; in air-condition room temperature, the first instar stage took (3.84±0.41), second (5.80±0.41), third (5.06±0.42), fourth (6.60±0.30) and fifth (7.86±0.64) with overall mean (27.00) days. The pupae took (11.26), with developmental (38.26) days and the adult male longevity (4.70) and female (8.38) days. The life span of male (45.6) and female was also observed (46.64) days. The minimum egg population laid by a female as compared to corridor room temperature with an overall mean population of fecundity was (15.33) female and fertility (83.14)%. The specimens were separated for proper male and female identification for all morphology and taxonomic characteristics. The sex ratio was found quite same in both temperatures but found fluctuation of day’s consumption in the life cycle. Body length and width measured in micrometers but larvae in millimetres. It is further recommended that the larval stages were the most voracious feeder at that times the management techniques.

Keywords: Biology; Fecundity; Fertility; Life span; LDM; SEX ratio



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