114. Prevalence of common poultry diseases in chicken and influence of different medicinal herbs on the growth of broiler chicken

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Ahmed Ali Moryani, Nasir Rajput Muhammad Naeem Rajput Atta Hussain Shah


Current study was designed to explore common poultry diseases in broiler and layer chicken at farm level in different areas of Sindh, Pakistan and to observe the growth performance of broiler supplemented with medicinal herbs. Pre-tested questionnaire was used to interview various poultry farmers and information about common health problems in broiler and layer were identified. The common diseases of broiler at farm level were E.coli (81%), IBD (69%), CRD (67%), infectious bronchitis (13%), mycotoxins (5%), salmonelosis (4%), Newcastle disease (3%) and Cocci (2%). While in layers occurrence of cholera (60%), avian influenza (45%), E.coli (12%), mycotoxins (10%), IB (8%), CRD (5%), Marek’s (5%), New castle disease (4%), salmonelosis (2%) and Hydro Pericardium Syndrome (2%) were identified. Birds in group-C, D & G supplemented with Giloy/Satgullo, Tabashir & Gadamri/Imli consumed more fed (3040, 3000 & 3000g/ bird) than group-B, F & E (2980, 2948 & 2871g/ bird) fed with Aloe vera, Hing/Vaghayani & Anwara herbs and against control group-A (2770g/bird). The FCR values of group-F, E, G, C & D (1.40, 1.45, 1.47, 1.50 and 1.50) fed with Hing/Vaghayani, Anwara, Gadamri/Imli, Tabashir & Giloy herbs were statistically lower against group-A (1.70) and group-B (1.62). Considerably high live body weight was noted in group-F (2100g/bird) supplemented with Hing/Vaghayani followed by group-G, C, D & E (2060, 2050, 2020, 1990 & 1750g/ bird) supplemented with Gadamri/Imli, Giloy/Satgullo, Tabashir, Anwara & Aloe vera medicinal herbs compared to control; group-A (1647g/bird) fed on basal diet.

Keywords: Body weight; Broiler; FCR; Feed intake; Medicinal herbs; Pakistan



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