115. Development and testing of re-circulating nutrient film technique

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Abdul Qadeer, Zia-Ul-Haq Shahid Javed Butt Hamza Muneer Asam, Muhammad Kazim Nawaz, Sohail Raza Haidree, Talha Mehmood


Nutrient film technique is an innovative food production system in which nutrients are circulated through bare roots to meet nutritional requirements of plants, as circulating nutrients solution is important for optimum growth. Experiment for development and testing of NFT and its comparison with geoponics was carried out at Hydroponic Research Station Rawat, Institute of Hydroponic Agriculture, PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi. Development of nutrient film technique was completed during first six month, and then planned experiment was executed in the green house conditions. Crop growth parameters were measured weekly throughout the cropping season, sum up all weekly data, while yield was recorded after harvesting. Crop parameters include plant height, number of leaves per plant, length of leaf, breadth of leaf, and yield per plant in five treatments T1 ( re-circulating pipe with 7.6 cm dia.), T2 (re-circulating pipe with 10.1 cm dia.), T3 (re-circulating tray with 8.8 cm width), T4 (re-circulating tray with 12.5 cm width) and T5 (Geoponics) were measured. Five plants were selected from each treatment and average data were measured. The data were statistically analyzed by following Completely Randomized Design (CRD) at 5% level of probability. Comparatively better production was observed in nutrient film technique as compared to geoponics. The highest yield per plant (321.40) was recorded in T2 while the least yield per plant (150.80) observed in treatment T5. Yield in treatment T2 (321.40) is significantly differ with all other treatments T1 (241.00), T3 (214.20), T4 (288.80) and T5 (150.80) respectively at 5 % level of probability.

Keywords: Geoponics; Lettuce; Nutrient film technique; Yield





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