116. Statistical analysis of heavy metals in Catlacatla, Wallago attu and Tilapia nilotica fish at head Sulemanki in Satlujriver

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Qaisar Mehmood Saba Naeem Saira Sharif Nargis Shaheen


The present study was aimed to evaluate the concentration of heavy metals in various organs of three edible fish species (Catlacatla, Wallagoattu and Tilapia nilotica) sampled from contaminated water of River Setluj at head Sulemanki (Okara), Pakistan. The concentration of selected heavy metals iron (Fe), nickel (Ni), Chromium (Cr), Cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb) are compared in skin muscles, heart, liver, kidney and gills of same fish and also made comparison among three type of fishes. Overall absorption of heavy metals in three type of fishes is as follow Fe >Pb> Ni > Cr > Cd. The concentration of heavy metals in all three species of fishes is compared as Tilapia nilotica ˃ Catlacatla ˃ Wallagoattu, while the existence of heavy metals in the organs of fish is also compared, kidney ˃ liver ˃ gills ˃ skin muscles ˃ heart. In analysis of variance accumulation of heavy metals in three species is significantly present, as p˗value is less than 0.05 for all heavy metals. Measured elevated levels of metal concentrations in fish organs is pointed out to be risks for potential health of fish, other aquatic organisms and human health.

Keywords: Catlacatla; Heavy metal; organs; Tilapia nilotica and Wallagoattu



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