119. Varietal resistance of Bt cotton against sucking complex under field conditions at upper Sindh-Pakistan

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Zafar Hussain Shah Hakim Ali Sahito


The research work was carried out during Kharif season, 2018 to investigate the varietal resistance of six Bt cotton varieties i.e., FH-Lalazar, SS-32, Bt-CRIS-508, CRIS-510, FH-142 and CRIS-533 against sucking pests, jassid, whitefly, thrips and mealybug under field conditions. The maximum resistivity against jassids was observed in SS-32 (1.98) per leaf followed by Bt-CRIS-508 (2.01), CRIS-533 (2.10), CRIS-510 (2.11), FH-142 (4.02) and FH-Lalazar (4.06).Against whitefly SS-32 gave maximum resistance (5.99) per leaf followed by CRIS-533 (6.00), CRIS-510 (8.55), Bt-CRIS-508 (8.93), FH-142 (9.12) and FH-Lalazar (11.04). Against thripsSS-32 variety showed maximum resistance (8.57) per leaf followed by CRIS-510 (8.81), CRIS-533 (8.87), Bt-CRIS-508 (9.50), FH-142 (10.27) and FH-Lalazar (15.31), while against mealybug Bt-CRIS-508 found resistive (0.42) followed byCRIS-510 (0.43), FH-142 (1.49), SS-32 (1.88), CRIS-533 (1.98) and FH-Lalazar (2.02).The overall results showed that cotton variety SS-32 gave better resistance against overall sucking pests (4.60) per leaf followed by CRIS-533 (4.74), and CRIS-510 (4.97), while varieties Bt-CRIS-508 and FH-142 showed moderate resistance against sucking pests (5.21) and (6.23), respectively however; variety FH-Lalazar had not shown enough resistance (8.11) against all the four mentioned sucking pests, so cotton variety FH-Lalazar was considered as most susceptible Bt variety and SS-32 variety was found to be most resistive variety against all the four sucking pests except mealybug. So it is suggested that the variety SS-32 should be cultivated as it is less attacked by sucking pests.

Keywords: Bt cotton; Sucking pests; Vitro conditions



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