2. Effect of abamectin on development of chick embryo

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Kainat Sardar, Khadija Zafar, Uzaira Khalid, Nadia Sattar, Zeerak Mustabshira, Shazia Perveen


Abamectin is widely used as an insecticide and pesticide on crops. Despite of its beneficial uses it also induces some adverse effects like it causes infertility in farmers who frequently encounter abamectin. It is broadly used but little is known about its effects on avian. To check its teratogenic effects on developing chick embryo abamectin is injected into fertilized chick embryos. In chick embryo, gross anomalies and morphological changes are observed. The results of this experiment indicated that   low dose of abamectin has adverse effects than that of high dose, as low dose of abamectin reduces the growth rate of developing chick embryo and delayed hatching. Moreover, hatched chicks are physically weak.

Keywords: Acetone; Chick Embryo; Growth; Pesticide; Teratogen


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