6. Evaluation of hematological and blood biochemical values in lactating cows in and around Multan city (Punjab), Pakistan

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Muhammad Zafar Muhammad Khalil Ahmad Khan Iram Mushtaq Samrah Masud Muhammad Sharjeel Noor Mohammed Hashir Latif Asmatullah .


In this study, hematological and biochemical profile of blood of cows were evaluated to determine the health status. These are highly informative diagnostic tools in collaboration with other diagnostic procedures. The sample of forty cows were equally divided into four groups; early lactation, mid-lactation, late lactation and dry pregnant. These test profiles were compared with the fifth group of ten lactating healthy cows. Early stage of lactating group showed lowered concentration trend (9.06±0.34 gm) as compared to means in other groups (9.26±0.18 gm% in mid and 10.2±0.69 gm% in late). In dry pregnant group the mean value of total leucocyte count (TLC) was 10.03±0.91X103/comm. showed slightly elevated trend than the normal healthy control group (8.33±0.33X103/cmm). In dry cows the glucose was significantly higher (53.68±4.27 mg/dl) than the early (38.64±3.54 mg/dl) and late (52.48±5.02 mg/dl) lactating cows. The serum total protein values (8.26±0.57 g/dl) was slightly evaluated as compared to that of the normal healthy control (8.01±0.67 g/dl) during early stage of lactation. Amongst different groups the urea nitrogen values differ significantly (P<0.05). In dry pregnant cows the descending trend in the serum cholesterol concentration as compared to lactating cows was observed. During early stage of lactation there was drop in calcium level (8.29±0.73 mg/dl) than the normal healthy control (11.25±0.17 mg/dl). The serum calcium level increased due to the stage of lactation progresses. In different groups of cows the serum magnesium concentration did not differ significantly. The study is helpful for the management and welfare of dairy cows.

Keywords: Blood; Calcium; Cows; Glucose; Lactation; Magnesium; Phosphorus and Protein count


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