9. Consumption of oat bran enriched extruded flakes and its effect on biomarkers of hyperlipidemia and elevated blood pressure

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Hina Hafeez Beenish Israr Masood Sadiq Butt Syeda Nimra Naqvi


Oat is an imperative cereal grain added into products for increasing fiber content. Oat bran fiber has property to combat oxidative stress and reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein as well as boosting up high-density lipoprotein indirectly. Present study was planned to analyze the proximate composition, minerals and sensory evaluation of oat bran enriched extruded flakes prepared after using different amount of oat and wheat. Intervention trial consisting of 30 days was done. Twenty test subjects (20) having elevated blood pressure and lipid profile were recruited and divided into two groups according to treatments. Group-1 kept as control and Group-2 given oat bran enriched extruded flakes. Current study showed that oat bran enriched extruded flakes contain an appreciable amount of fiber 17.2 ±0.08%, fat 4.9±0.1%, carbohydrate 52.9±2.45, protein 12.9 ±0.6%, sodium 22.1± 0.1 mg/100g and potassium 374.67 ±4.5mg/100g. On the other hand, significant decrease was (p<0.001) found in systolic and diastolic blood pressure of treatment group (150±9.4-127±6.7mmHg, 100±8.8-84.5±8.0mmHg). Whereas, negative control group with treatment of oat bran flakes with zero percent of oat bran showed non-significant result in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Moreover, oat bran flakes also showed (p<0.001) reduction in lipid profile including 7.4% decrease in blood cholesterol, 14.3% increment in high-density lipoprotein, 3.5% reduction in low-density lipoprotein and 7.3% decrease in triglycerides. Thus, present study concluded that oat bran has nutritional potential to reduce blood pressure as well as biomarkers of lipid profile.

Keywords: Blood pressure; Extruded flakes; Oat bran


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